. . 1 hour ago · Grab a nearby loose wheel with Ultrahand and stick it on one of the broken wheels. The first Great Fairy Fountain you will want to head to is in Eldin, below the Goron City. May 18, 2023 · Serenade to a Great Fairy is among the side adventure quest that you will encounter along your journey.

Serenade to a great fairy

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. . Rewards: 100 Rupees, Great Fairy Fountain; How to Awaken the Great Fairy Mija. . . For more Zelda guides and tips, like how to find and activate all Skyview Towers, or an explanation of all Zonai Devices, make sure to read our full Zelda. .

Great Fairy Tera Fountain – Serenade to a Great Fairy; located southeast of Great Hyrule Forest; TotK Great Fairy Locations & Map.

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It’s only missing its wheels which can be found nearby at the stable and attached using the Ultrahand ability.

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Specifically, the Woodland Stable on the northeast side of.

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Follow this guide to unlock The first Grea.

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