. He was the main breadwinner of the family and, well, my actions had, to me, unforeseen. So, please please, before you cheat on your husband/wife/partner think about what you are. . .

My selfishness ruined my family reddit

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"Just don't be selfish" is a solution but is not an especially helpful.

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Aug 21, 2018 · You did not ruin your family so try not to think that lie.

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. My selfishness ruined my family. She is paralyzed from the chin down. And my ex husband would also be devastated. Understanding the problem is the first step in finding a solution. I should be in my prime right now but I walked into a burning building in the middle of. Background: i was raised as an only child.

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Here's a TLDR: I had an affair, my ex walked in on us, Acted out, went to jail for five years, and spent four of them in protective.

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A while ago I sort of just gave up on life.

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My kids refuse to acknowledge me, my brother hates me, and I've been trying so hard to make amends, especially to my ex since he got out.

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