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Many netizens were appalled by Mira’s.

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Properly prepared tasty food is the reason customers will keep coming back to your restaurant.

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. No matter how great business your restaurant is doing, chances are you would still like to increase your restaurant sales.

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May 16, 2023 · Below are my top six recommendations for how to approach the process so that menus can be well executed by kitchen staff, connect with diners, and inspire them to come back.

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. . . The Explorer Customer is a Special Customer introduced in the Jungle Update. Seven years later, BevSpot is still one worth mentioning on our list. . The Jungle Table has a 2% chance to attract the Explorer Customer, and the Jungle Chair also has a 2% chance.

Established in 2014, they specialise in food and beverage management for inventory, ordering, invoicing, and insights on restaurant sales data.

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1 day ago · Lightspeed customers feature prominently on both lists, with 16 of the top 100 restaurants and two of the top 50 bars leveraging the technology platform.

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A popular restaurant in Orlando that hosts drag brunches filed a lawsuit Monday against Republican Florida Gov.