Inductance and capacitance in series

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Every wire and every trace used for conducting signals on a printed circuit board (PCB) has elements of resistance, capacitance, and inductance.

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Zseries = R + ( − jXC) Zseries = 8. 1) Z = R + j l ω.

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What happens to the resonant frequency of an RLC series circuit when the following quantities are increased by a factor of 4: (a) the capacitance, (b) the self-inductance, and (c) the resistance? Check Your Understanding 15.

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Figure 8. This small capacitance value indicates how difficult it is to make a device with a large capacitance. . . , Because inductive reactance and capacitive reactance are _____ out of phase with each other, they cancel each other in an AC circuit. (b) The network of capacitors in (a) is equivalent to one capacitor that has a smaller capacitance than any of the individual capacitances in (a), and the charge on its plates is Q.

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A series circuit with a voltage source (such as a battery, or in this case a cell) and three resistance units.

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Example 8.

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