. The exterior map shows you where each door into Hyrule Castle takes you. ;. Avoid fighting any enemies and make way towards the center of the castle.

How to sneak into hyrule castle

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It is a rather short dungeon where Link fights the Ball and Chain Soldier and rescues Princess Zelda.

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You'll come to a point where there are Lizalfos in the water. To get this set, you’ll need to find and defeat a series of Yiga. Please check out my other OoT video from Djipi's Celda Mod which is another attempt at modernizing the greatest game of all times: http://www. In A Link to the Past, Hyrule Castle serves as the very first dungeon in the game. . .

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To the castle! When the cutscenes are over, you need to follow the path to Hyrule Castle Town.

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The garden on the legendary castle of Hyrule has a few neat little secrets, the best of which are the hidden passageways that will allow you to sneak into Hyrule Castle later on in the game, when the guards are a little less willing to let you in the front door.

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From there, activate the paraglider and soar.

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